Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more information about the Verisure Alarm? Do you have any doubts about how it works? You’re in the right place. Below, we answer the most commonly asked safety questions.

What are the advantages of monitored alarm systems?

Your monitored alarm system transmits signals to our PSA Certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If the alarm goes off, the ARC will contact the homeowner or key holder and if necessary, send Private Security Patrol. 

How do wireless alarm systems work?

Wireless alarm systems can be installed in places where wired alarm systems cannot be accommodated. They are perfect if you don't have a pre-installed security system because there is no need to install anything else. No more screws, cables or installation work.

How do home alarm systems prevent burglaries?

Home alarm systems can’t prevent burglary attempts, but they definitely will catch anyone who tries! If you have one of the best home alarm systems installed, your family’s safety and home safety will be guaranteed. Your best allies are the motion detector, surveillance camera, door alarms or whichever features your system provides.

How do motion-sensor alarms work?

The outdoor motion-sensor alarm provides you with the best security. It is a good way to protect the perimeter of your home or business. The indoor motion-sensor alarm emits radio energy into each room, then keeps monitoring the reflection pattern in that same space, while another device reads the changes in energy around that same area.

Why do I need a security alarm system?

Even if your neighbourhood is quiet, and you have known your neighbours for years, that is not enough to protect your home from burglars. Burglaries happen quite often in the UK, and for this reason, it is essential that you not only take care of your home through upkeep, but also install a security alarm system for everyday protection.

Why are wireless home alarm systems better?

Wireless home alarm systems offer many advantages compared with wired systems:

  • Installation is quicker and easier

  • Replaceable batteries provide longer life spans

  • Easily replaceable sensors

  • Less maintenance

  • Lower costs

  • Easy to remove if needed

What makes the best wireless alarm system?

The best wireless alarm system is inexpensive and requires very little work on your part. It also should provide many different sensors and detectors and have a good battery-backup system. Over the years, wireless home alarm systems have come to incorporate all the features of a wired system.

How do monitored alarm systems work?

With a Verisure monitored Alarm System, you can be assured of 24/7 safety and protection.

Our technology ensures quick and detailed communication between your Alarm System and our Central Station, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is alerted every time your alarm goes off.

How does the My Verisure app work?

Among many other functionalities, the My Verisure app allows you to manage your Verisure Alarm system quickly and easily, directly from your mobile phone.

How much does a burglar alarm system cost?

Your specific needs determine the cost of any Verisure alarm system.

What happens when my home alarm goes off?

When your home alarm is activated, an alert immediately is sent to Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which then contacts the homeowner or key holder and, if necessary, sends a Guard response. 

What types of alarms exist?

There are two different types of alarms: systems that operate in local mode and more advanced varieties, such Verisure Alarm systems.

Can I have an alarm without a landline?

Yes. With Verisure, you can have a working alarm without a landline. The alarm itself includes a GSM transmitter unit that ensures secure communication.

Is a wireless-alarm kit suitable for me?

The Verisure wireless-alarm kit could be suitable for you. The most important step when selecting an alarm kit is to evaluate your actual needs. 

Is the home-security system still protecting me when I'm home?

Yes. You always remain protected with Verisure because the alarm has a mode called 'partial mode', which is very useful for home security when you’re asleep, for example.

Who handles alarm installation?

Verisure has a team of security specialists who would travel to your home or business to facilitate the process of alarm installation.

What is Verisure Technology?

Verisure Technology is the most advanced technology in the alarm industry, offering you the capability of monitoring all aspects of your home or business.

How do I contact you for help with my alarm?

If you need any help with your alarm, you can call us at 1800-851-791 (24/7) and request a visit from a Verisure specialist.