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The SVK: Siren, Voice, Keypad

The combination of a siren, dual voice communication and digital keypad, or SVK, is your primary protection to your property.

This one piece of equipment offers all the customisation you need to fully protect your home, including; a variety of arming and disarming settings, the ability to activate an SOS functionality if necessary, and smartphone compatibility with our My Verisure App.

With the ‘voice’ aspect of our system comes a dual communications channel, which lets you talk with a trained security expert in the event of an emergency. Our team will be on standby, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The built-in Bluetooth receiver also comes in very handy with your family, as it allows you to register and track key fobs for each family member – letting you see who enters and leaves your property, and at what time.

Powerful Siren

The powerful built-in siren sounds when the alarm is tripped, deterring intruders, and let people in the area know that a potential break in is in process.

Two-way VoicePad

oice functionality features a two-way full duplex communications system which allows you to both talk to, and listen to, a Verisure security expert 24/7.

Smart Keypad

Multiple ways to arm and disarm your alarm, including home, away, and outdoor protection modes, receiving sound and voice feedback from the SVK.