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ZeroVision Alarm: If They Can't See, They Can't Steal

Burglars have the ability to pick locks, inhibit signals, and cut powerlines, among many other techniques to take what isn't theirs. One thing that burglars need, and can't function without - is their vision.

With this in mind, we designed the ZeroVision smoke barrier to create a zero-visibility smokescreen to impair a burglar's vision, created using a specialised and harmless fog generator.

Verisure offers our customers the highest levels of protection, and create as many obstacles as possible for intruders.

Intrusions are verified by trained experts in the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Once ZeroVision is activated, the device deploys a dense, zero-visibility smokescreen in only a few seconds, impairing the burglar's vision completely and protecting the premises until the police arrive.

Zero-visibility Prevents Burglaries

Once ZeroVision is deployed, the non-toxic smoke will complete block the burglars vision, and they will be forced to leave the property, or wait for law enforcement to arrive if they cannot see the exit. Simultaneously, the police and the customer are alerted from the Alarm Receiving Centre and a security guard is dispatched.

Maximum Intruder Deterrence

ZeroVision deterrent signs will ensure any intruder knows your property is protected by the an anti burglary device, and that knowledge will act as a strong deterring factor, making your property virtually invisible.