ZeroVision: Stopping Vision, Stopping Crime

Burglars are well known for having a range of techniques to break into homes and businesses, such as picking locks, disrupting signals, and even cutting power lines. However, there is one essential thing that all burglars need in order to steal – their vision. To counter this, we have developed the innovative ZeroVision Smoke Alarm, which impairs the burglar's vision by creating a zero-visibility smokescreen using a specialized and harmless fog generator.

Zerovision is designed to respond quickly to verified intrusions, effectively disorienting burglars with thick cloud of fog that reduces visibility to virtually zero. These intrusions are verified through our in-house Alarm Monitoring Centre. In the meantime, this gives the authorities plenty of time to arrive, or can simply prevent the burglary from happening altogether. The smoke is non-toxic, and acts as a complete blockade to the burglar’s ability to see, rendering them useless.

Zero-Vison Means Zero Visibility

Preventing a burglary requires quick action, which is why timing is essential. A smokescreen can be created in just a matter of seconds using an advanced smokescreen generator. This opaque fog impairs the burglar's vision and send them running, effectively preventing the burglary from taking place. As soon as the ZeroVision Alarm is triggered, the Monitoring Centre is immediately alerted, along with yourself and the police.

Maximum Deterrence, Maximum Protection

Thieves have no interest in stealing from a property they cannot burgle. By displaying deterrent plaques outside your property, potential burglars are deterred by showing that your home is safeguarded by an alarm system that will create a thick fog when triggered. This knowledge will serve as a powerful deterrent, taking your property off the radar to would-be burglars.


Always Ahead of the Game

For the past 30 years we’ve been dedicated to protecting you against burglaries and staying ahead of the game with continuous innovation. Our unique ZeroVision technology enables us to hinder the burglars' vision and defend against break-ins. By taking a proactive approach, we're changing the way houses are protected, and in doing so are maintaining our win over burglars. After all, if they can't see, they can't steal - and that's the ultimate goal. .