Verisure Deterrent Signs

Verisure Deterrent Panels 

Verisure takes your safety seriously and provides customers with Deterrent Signs to keep criminals at bay. These signs serve as a powerful warning to potential intruders that your property is protected by Verisure's state-of-the-art security systems. The Alarm Signs and Stickers displayed on these signs also serve as a visible reminder that the area is under 24/7 surveillance and any suspicious activity will be recorded and reported to the authorities.

Verisure's Deterrent Signs come in various sizes and can be installed on doors, windows or external areas, making it easy to customize your security needs. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, Verisure's Alarm Stickers and Signs serve as a valuable deterrent to would-be criminals, ensuring the safety and security of your property.

How are Deterrent Panels better than Bellboxes?

Many conventional companies still rely on Bellboxes as a means of discouragement. Although these boxes can highlight the presence of an alarm system, they originated from a period where the response to a sound outside was immediate, a circumstance that no longer applies. Modernized smart alarms immediately communicate the alarm signal to the responders. Consequently, many contemporary alarms come with dummy boxes instead. Nevertheless, burglars are aware that these boxes can be effortlessly purchased online at a nominal cost, which diminishes their ability to deter burglars.

Our signs are designed to explicitly convey the type of system that is installed, and consequently, are highly effective as a means of deterrence to potential burglars.

Deterreny Sign

How Do They Work?
  1. Put the Deterrent Signs around your house for maximum protection.
  2. Potential burglars will have to think twice after seing them.
  3. Burglars will pass over your hosue and be sent elsewhere.