Verisure Deterrent Signs

Deterrent Signs

All Verisure customers receive our Deterrent Signs. Deterrent Signs are ideal to keep criminals away. Alarm Signs and Stickers warn burglars about images being recorded and this has a significant impact on intruders who are afraid of being identified by the police.

Verisure Deterrent Signs are distributed in several sizes so they can be used in different locations around the home/business: on doors, windows or external areas. Verisure Alarm Stickers and Signs warn burglars of the risk they are taking if they try to rob your home or business.

Why is a Deterrent Sign better than a Bellbox?

Many traditional companies still use Bellboxes as a deterrent. While they can indicate that an alarm system is present, they come from a time where the responders would react to the sound outside, which is no longer the case, Monitored smart alarms communicate the alarm signal immediately to the responders. For this reason, many modern alarms come with empty decoy boxes instead. However, burglars know these can be bought online for a small fee, which in turn detracts from its ability to deter burglars. 

Our signs make it clear to a burglar just what kind of system is installed, and has the most effective deterrent value as a result. 

Deterreny Sign

How the Verisure Deterrent Signs works
  1. Display the Verisure Deterrent Signs in your windows and doors and around your property.
  2. Thieves see them and think twice about entering your property.
  3. Criminals move on, looking for easier premises to burgle.
Long-lastingRecognised by criminalsReplacements or extras on requestMaximum deterrent
Made of high-quality polycarbonate with UV protection, our deterrent signs stay bright and visible, no matter what the weather thorws at them.Thieves want an easy life — and they know that Verisure alarm systems are likely to get them caught.If you'd ever like to replace your deterrent signs, please let us know and we'll give you some.Criminals look for easy pickings. When they see the Verisure signs on your property, there's a good chance they'll look elsewhere.