Smart Remote

Smart Remote

Your versatile Smart remote provides a range of functions to efficiently control your alarm. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, it enables effortless disarming of your alarm; all it takes is a simple button press. Additionally, it allows you to activate your system in different modes, dependent on your desired requirements. The remote includes mode-configurable buttons, such as 'home' or 'partial' mode, and 'away' or 'full' mode, tailoring the security to your specific lifestyle requirements. Furthermore, it offers an SOS feature, allowing you to swiftly call for assistance by pressing two of the buttons simultaneously. This alerts our Monitoring Centre, enabling us to provide the necessary aid promptly. With its sleek and simplistic design, changing the battery is a hassle-free process.

Deterreny Sign

Discover How the Remote Operates
  1. put it on your keyring or simply leave it in a bag.
  2. Utilize each button to effortlessly arm or disarm your alarm.
  3. Activate the SOS to quickly call for help when needed.
  • Dimensions: 48x 48 x 10 (height, width, length)
  • Weight:21g
  • battery: 1 x CR2450 Lithium
  • Wireless Connectivity