Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel

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How the SVK works

The SVK combines 3 key security features into one device: the main Siren or Alarm, a two-way communication with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and a keypad with customisable features. Our ‘Voice’ aspect features a two-way full duplex communications system, that allows you to both talk to and listen to a Verisure security expert day or night. The Keypad will not only act as your barrier to your alarm system, but will also offer you customisable features that allow you to arm your system as you please. This includes the ability to arm and disarm your system, set it to home or away mode, or activate the SOS function for your security system. The SVK also comes equipped with a tag reader and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to control it from Smart Key fob or your ‘My Verisure’ App.


    Keeping you safeThere with youLifetime guarantee and free maintenanceMaximum deterrent

    The SVK is the only alarm on the market with a built-in speaker — so you won't need a phone to talk to our control centre.

    When your Alarm System is activated, your SVK automatically links to our control centre — so we can hear and see what's happening in your home and take action.Your safety is our number one priority. So we keep your SVK in great condition, for free, for life.Criminals look for easy pickings. When they see the Verisure signs on your property, they'll look elsewhere.


    • · Dimensions: 172mm high, 85mm wide, 40mm long
    • · Weight: 450g
    • · Power: 6 x AA Alkaline battery
    • · Connectivity: 3G
    • · Trigger: Verisure Alarm System
    • · Warranty: Lifetime guarantee and free maintenance for life
    • · Certification: Grade 2 certified and accredited to the highest industry standards