Sheffield city centre
Sheffield city centre


Sheffield Crime Statistics

How safe is Sheffield?

Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough located in South Yorkshire. It’s the third-largest English district and one of the eight-largest regional cities making up the Core Cities Group. With historically industrial roots, modern Sheffield has been redeveloped extensively, and its economy has experienced steady growth of around 5% annually.

Sheffield is ethnically diverse, with around 19% of its population from minority ethnic groups. The population of Sheffield city is approximately 570,000, and due to the two universities located there (Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield), the largest age group is 20- to 24-year- olds.

But how safe is Sheffield?

Between April 2016 and March 2017, there were 74,976 crimes reported in Sheffield. Of these crimes, antisocial behaviour was easily the most common, with 33,294 offences reported. At over 44% of all crime, this is an unusually high volume of antisocial behaviour. The next most frequent offence was violent crime, with 10,038 crimes reported – about 13% of total crime.

Criminal damage and arson was the next most reported crime in Sheffield, with 6,728 incidents, or around 9%. Other theft (i.e., not from the person) came next, with 4,976 crimes occurring (7%). This was followed by burglary at 4,356 reported incidents (6%) and then shoplifting, with 4,253 offences (5.5%).