How safe is Camden?
How safe is Camden?

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Crime Statistics for Camden

How safe is Camden?

Camden Town has a unique place in the London ecosystem. Notorious for its 24-hour party scene, street markets, gigs and restaurants, it is as much a part of London’s identity as Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament. Camden is a money maker, with hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking there annually. However, Camden’s allure and economic benefits come at a cost, as it is one of London’s crime hotspots.

So, is Camden a dangerous place to live? If you stay away from the tourist hotspots, can it be a great location in which to settle?

This graph looks at the number of reported incidents between February 2015 and January 2016.

This is the crime profile you’d expect from a 24-hour tourist destination. Antisocial behaviour (1,084 incidents) was the No. 1 crime during this period, and in Camden, it’s a nightly occurrence. Even more alarming is the profile for violence (888). As you’d expect, thefts (659) and drug crimes (541) also are high.

Antisocial behaviour comprises just over 20% of Camden’s total crime, and typically, this type of crime should make up about 10% of crime. So, what does antisocial behaviour actually mean? Antisocial behaviour includes offences such as street drinking, noise, setting off fireworks, and being rowdy, among other activities.

The Camden Police take a highly negative view of this type of behaviour because it undermines confidence in them, and research shows that it can lead to more serious crime problems if not addressed. So, 20% might seem high, and it probably is, but given Camden’s reputation and nightlife, crime probably is being managed relatively well.