How safe is Brighton?
How safe is Brighton?


Brighton Crime Statistics

How safe is Brighton?

Brighton & Hove is a city on the south coast of England, in the county of East Sussex. The two towns of Brighton and Hove formed a unitary authority in 1997 and were granted city status in 2001. However, Brighton & Hove often collectively is called ‘Brighton’.

Brighton lies between the South Downs and the English Channel, and is about 50 miles from London. The city has approximately 280,000 residents, and with two large universities, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton, it has a large student population.

Brighton’s seaside setting, quirky shopping areas and busy nightlife have made it a popular destination for tourists, and in 2015-2016, it received over 7.5 million day visitors and 4.9 million overnight visitors. Because of this, tourism and entertainment are important sectors for the city, but the Brighton economy also contains a strong component of creative, digital and electronic technologies

But how safe is Brighton?

Between June 2016 and May 2017, there were 32,953 crimes committed in Brighton.

The most common crime committed by a considerable amount is antisocial behaviour, with 9,490 crimes reported, or 29% of total crime. The next most frequent crime is violent crime, with 7,426 offences reported, or 23% of all crime. Other theft is the third most commonly committed crime in Brighton, with 3,300 crimes reported for this period, which is 10% of all crime.

The fourth most common crime in Brighton is criminal damage and arson, with 2,562 crimes reported during this one-year period, or 8% of total crime. Public-order offences are the fifth most-frequent offence in Brighton (6.5%), followed by shoplifting, with 1,771 crimes (5.5%). Burglary is next, with 1,458 offences recorded, which accounts for about 4.5% of all crime in Brighton.